i overheard this...
-The Legend of Zelda
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-Lolita fashiion
-DRAMAtical Murder
I overheard this: I'm a Sheikah in disguise as a Sheikah Stone; but what do I know? I'm just a Stone.

"And here we observe the sheikahstone in his natural habitat. The sheikahstone, a member of the sheikis stonus family, is a nocturnal creature. He is bossy and quite mean, but his harsh demeanor is said to hide a layer of massive geekiness. Ah yes, the sheikahstone is a rare, majestic creature. He’s also a giant fuckin’ nerd. Tragically beautiful."
Also, sometimes a prince in a dress. My name is Gabriel.


Don't ask me to tag anything, chances are I'll forget to.

it's a secret from everybody

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